Bare back, long evening dress

Above is my experiment 🙂

Here is how I did it in pictures.

What you will need is a basic pattern of a top part of a classic dress, something like that:

Front and back

This basic pattern you can buy at a store or copy from a dress you already have ( there are videos on you tube you can find) or design yourself if you know how ( I will show how I did it probably in the next post)

So, let’s start with a back:

Ignore the darts, make it look like this:

Than you need to draw your back line, how you want it to look:

So our back will have two pieces, let’s take one and work with it:

You will need to draw several lines on the pattern of your back piece. The amount of lines you choose yourself as you see fit. Lines will need to be cut and expand in the next step:

The amount of expansion you determine yourself ( as I did) it will affect how much prolapse of fabric you will get, so just play with it 🙂

Dashed line shows extra fabric you will need so the back of the fabric won’t be showing when prolapsing. It’s a approximate line, because I’m myself not sure where exactly it should be.

And the bottom is just a regular trapeze, expanding toward the floor.

Well, there are my patterns and result 🙂

P.s. The only tiny problem you might ran into, is that dress might be sliding off your shoulders. I solved it with a little cute chain on the back, that connects shoulders and keeps them from sliding off 🙂

My pattern, front.

My pattern, back.

Have tons of patience and inspiration!:)

P.p.s. Looks like I forgot about front pattern, ooops:) here is some pictures:




First picture is when we are closing a dart and opening one on the side of a front. We also draw a new neck line.

Than we draw line that we are gonna cut and expand later.

Expanding the lines, than draw a dashed line so the back of a fabric won’t be visible.

Ok, that’s it!:)


Turn OLD into NEW!

How to turn old into NEW!

I like the idea of turning something old, unused into something new 🙂 Here is what I came up with:

Please, notice that color didn’t change, it’s more like on the first picture because of the different light I got such a huge color difference.

First of all, original dress was XL size and that allowed me to do what I did.

See the transformation below!

That’s a sort of every day dress which you can wear with different accessories and create different moods, that was the plan, so I succeeded :))

Oh, and the fabric itself is really nice-cotton with rayon 😉

I wish everybody tons of inspiration and patience to do it 🙂

DIY dress from fabric leftovers!

I have a habit of hoarding fabric leftovers 🙂 this time it worked for me 🙂 I managed to make a little dress. See photos below to see how!

Soooo! One day I buy this beautiful long skirt…… It sat in my closet for a while and later I decided that I didn’t like the length so I made it knee length. And that’s what I had left:

The rest was easy:

In a closet I found a scarf like this:

And it seemed like a good idea to use it too 🙂

And that’s what I got in the end:

And my most important approving committee :

She was clapping 🙂

Have a good day everybody!:)
Be creative!

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Circle skirt

All above are examples of a circle skirt and its variations. The circle skirt is just a basis, you can modify it a little and get different results every time ( like on pictures above)

Here is a formula you are going to use:

Where K is a coefficient of a skirt you want.
K=1 if you want a circle skirt
K=3/4 or 0,75 If it’s a tree quarter of a skirt ( see bellow)

K=1/2 or 0,5 of it’s a half a circle skirt ( bellow )

And number pi is 3,14

For example:
I want a circle skirt. My waist measurement is 27 inches
R1= 27:(1*2*3,14)=4,29936. Round up to 4 3/16 inches ( I hope I did it right in inches, I’m more used to work with centimeters 🙂

If you want to add fullness to your skirt you can just double your waist measurement and make it gathered circle skirt, additional folds from gathering will create volume.

Here is my circle skirt:)

A bow in the back

Have a great day everybody! Wish you tons of inspiration and patience!:)

Gathered circle dress

I wanted a dress with fullness skirt, so I used a circle skirt pattern for the bottom, I just doubled the waist measurement, so when pattern is ready I can gather it back to my original waist size. Here it is:

Second half:

I doubled front and back details so they can go on the inside.

On the above photo you can see the “nice inside”- the double that I cut out. When you stitch it together sew everything together except shoulder seams. See bellow:

Orange lines-sew together. Red -do not touch.
#2 I already stitched together just to show how it’s gonna look. #3 I’m putting a zipper there, so had to leave it untouched.


Put orange marked sides together like this:

So the marked side is gonna be where it is shown and on the back side.

If you want to check if you pinned the right sides or not, turn it inside out and it should look like this:

Now stitch here:

Almost done….

We took care of the “orange” part, now we need to finish “red”, so from the inside dress looks nice too:)

Because I doubled the top pattern, I have this:

Get the marked red edges from inside:

It should look like this:

And it’s ready! Iron the seams flat and you good to go!

Quickly doing skirt and dress is almost ready:

Gathered first, than pinned it together with upper part:

P.S. I used 100% cotton as for fabric and it feels great, although it has one drawback it fold a lot! If you sit down you gotta be very careful because when you stand up, your skirt behind may look like it was laying in a pile of laundry for a week-all wrinkled, so may be a cotton blend would be better…

Have a great day a d tons of inspiration!:)))

Pencil skirt out of a jacket

Once in a while I go to a thrift store to see if I can find something interesting.

On my recent trip I found a jacket which pattern I found interesting so I bought it and turned the jacket into a skirt 🙂 watch the transformation bellow:

First step is to “disassemble” the jacket and as always my little helper is always on top of things:)))

Out of two sleeves I made the back of the skirt

For the front I used back of the jacket

For the belt I found collar is the best fit

Of course, it’s not a detailed description, but it might give you an idea how or what to do with old pants, jacket or any other piece of cloth:)


And back